COVID Science Communication

COVID-19 Seminars:

5/22/20 I gave a seminar in the EEB seminar series at UCSC on COVID-19/SARS-COV-2. It included a broad overview of the science plus an hour of Q&A.

6/30/20 I gave the Kraw Lecture on Science & Technology on COVID-19. A link to the presentation is here.

7/30/20 I gave a Town Hall talk for 18-34 year olds on COVID-19 entitled Don’t Kill Grandma.

1/21/21 I was a panelist on an “Ask the experts” event hosted by Lookout Santa Cruz with County Health Officer Gail Newell and Erica Padilla-Chaves.

1/28/21 I gave a lecture in an OLLI lifelong learning course organized by Dr. Jim Estes, with lectures by Dr. Rick Ostfeld, Dr. Felicia Keesing, and Dr. Drew Harvell.

2/16/21 I gave a second Kraw Lecture on Science and Technology on COVID-19 vaccines and virus variants.

March 2021. I gave vaccine information talks and Q&A to Salud para la gente, Metro Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz teachers, and Hartnell College to try to encourage vaccination.

April 2021. I gave a talk on backwards contact tracing and vaccine efficacy against new viral variants to Federally Qualified Health Centers in Santa Cruz County.

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